For all products purchased from our company warranty period is 12(24) months from the date of invoice and operated in accordance with operating instructions. Exceptions are cases where the product was purchased at reduced prices (promotion), purchased parts, components, subassemblies for use in other products (systems) or are not accompanied by a guarantee card. Repairs carried out under warranty only applies to electrical parts such as new power plants and other receivers. Components which have been repaired as: gears, reducing groups and others. They are consumables that are replaced periodically and no guarantee 12 months.
The warranty does not cover the following damage cases:
For all products and products bought from Rimpex, the guarantee is valid only on presentation of an invoice and fully paid, if a contract.
- For electrical equipment and systems:
Damage caused by an abnormality in the power supply, power surges, malicious acts, accidents, RTA's, attempts to repair by unauthorized personnel, violence or natural disasters (disasters). Also when their use is not as intended when used contrary to their workload and performance.
- For parking sheds:
Malicious acts, accidents, RTA's, attempts to repair by unauthorized personnel, violent mechanical actions, natural disasters, disasters, effects of acid rain, chemicals or mechanically induced damage.
- For doors, gates or metal structures:
The same conditions as for parking sheds and they are subsequently charged with a large load of normal service set provided in the project.
Rimpex Company is not responsible for damages caused by due to tampering, neglect, lack of maintenance when the safety devices are not installed or uninstalled, also when infants and juveniles are left to deal with stray products, animals and more. which can damage the devices.