Terms and conditions
1. Send an Inquiry by specifying an approximate size and model of the item.
2.A preliminary offer will be prepared.If the prices are satisfied, a team will be sent to download the exact sizes - this is a paid service - the price is 160 BGL. for the city of Sofia and the suburbs.
3.We are preparing a contract and exact product specification.
4.The client pays an advance of 70 to 80%.
5.When the products are ready for installation, the Customer gives their approval for the manufactured products in the warehouse of Rimpex and pays the remainder of the contract amount up to 100% in one installment and delivery cost.
6. The client chooses a date for delivery and installation if they are not specified in advance in the contract.
7. The delivery is completed and a protocol must be signed by the customer / client or his / her proxy. - If there is no one to sign the record at the agreed time, the products are returned to the warehouse of F.Rimpex. - Each subsequent delivery is additionally paid at the fixed price in the Contract and upon a written request for re-delivery by the Customer.
8. After delivery, the products delivered are owned by the Client for which a separate protocol is signed or the installer takes pictures of the installed products in the absence of the Customer or his representative.